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Pitch for our Debut game: SHREDLANDS!

SHREDLANDS Pitch Deck 2024

Project: QuickSand is a fast-paced windsurfing action game all about being stylish and turning that style into attacks.

Battle bosses while you use a sword to both slide over dunes of junk and slice through your enemies in quick succession

Defeat the CEO's of several companies to reclaim your freedom from dumb corporate rules! 

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A group of game-making ghouls from the Netherlands.

We strive to make stylized games that are unique and honest.

Boundless creativity is important to us. We want to get rid of any hurdles stopping our forward momentum and we're serious about having fun!

Our goal is simple: WORLD DOMINATION.


Which means to simply to get our butts out there and show the wide world what us ghouls are made of.

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